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Over the weekend, I will be moving my blog to I intended to do this before #moocmooc so as not to have to redirect new followers, but planning for #moocmooc was time consuming.


If you’re looking for interesting reading, check out Arts and Letters Daily.

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What does a “new media” composition assignment look like?

Resources for further exploration:

Introduction to Twitter for #gsuhybridize

I oriented 20 Georgia State University faculty members from a number of departments to Twitter on August 3. The group was part of an initiative to encourage hybrid class experimentation lead by George Pullman and GSU’s Center for Innovative Instruction. My notes follow . . .

Twitter is a microblogging platform and the second most populated social media sphere. It is an invaluable resource for reading, teaching, meeting, and collaborating.

Gave participants the assignment below.

  • Let’s do something (open>share>comment twice>process): Share a piece of educational technology using the hashtag #gsuhybridize. Comment on your peers’ pics.
  • Storify of that final assignment viewable here.